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  • AFP Renderer for Apache FOP  v.1.0.2An AFP Renderer for the Apache FOP project that renders formatted objects to AFP or (MO:DCA). Documents generated in the MO:DCA format are primarily used for large scale commercial ...
  • J4L FOP Server  v.2.2Easy to install and use free FOP Server. It converts input XML data to PDF files using XSL-FO templates and based on Apache FOP.
  • J4L FO Designer  v.2.2.0XSL-FO PDF Report Designer for Apache FOP and Oracle Apex. Graphical design of templates for converting XML to PDF.
  • ASP.NET FO PDF Report Server Control  v.1.0.1439.19630FO PDF is similar to ASP.NET Server Controls, written in C#.It takes DataTable and few other params to generate the XSL FO and renders a DataGrid like PDF Report using NFOP (Apache FOP Port in J#) PDF Formatter.More tags to generate XSL FO will be ...
  • Barcode4J  v.2.1.0Barcode4J is a flexible generator for barcodes written in Java and available under the Apache License v2.0. Features: Extensions for Apache FOP, Xalan-J and SAXON, Servlet, command-line interface, output to SVG, EPS, Java2D/AWT and ...
  • Forms602 to UIProtocol Converter  v.1.0602toUIPConvertor is utility based on Apache Fop (see used for converting rich electronic XSL-FO based forms in format Forms602 (see to user interfaces description format and ...
  • XsltTransformer  v.1.0XsltTransformer is a Mediawiki extension that makes it possible to take the content of a page and export it through XSLT stylesheets based on categories with Semantic MediaWiki (SMW). XSL-FO is supported through Apache FOP.
  • Afputils  v.1.0Some java/groovy tools for AFP (Advanced Function Presentation). Main goal will be to provide test environment for Apache FOP AFP Renderer.
  • FO3D  v.1.0FO3D describes an XSL-FO standard compliant method for representing 3D content in the FO documents and provides an exemplary extension for the use with Apache FOP (Version 0.95) - available under the Apache License v2.0 - to create 3D PDF documents.
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